Common Misconceptions about VA Housebound and Aid & Attendance Benefits

Sometimes, there may be questions surrounding Aid & Attendance and Housebound benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Our firm hopes to dispel some of those misconceptions and encourages former servicemembers to apply for the VA Aid & Attendance and Housebound benefits they may be entitled to.

Service in Warzones

For example, a veteran does not have to have warzone experience to qualify for Attendance benefits. Ninety days of active service and at least one day during any period of wartime grants eligibility.

Service-Connected Disabilities

Additionally, the disability that qualifies a veteran for Housebound benefits need to be service-connected. Veterans may also qualify for Housebound benefits if they have one service-connected disability rated at 100%, in addition to a disability from a different bodily system rated at 60% disabling.

Enhanced Pension Requirements

An enhanced pension rate is provided to veterans based on their need for regular A&A; these enhanced benefits are paid in addition to a standard VA pension. If you do not qualify for a standard pension due to income limits, you may still qualify for an enhanced pension.

Being in the VA System

You don’t have to be in the VA system before applying for Aid & Attendance. You’ll be entered into the system when you apply.

Using the Funds

Furthermore, Aid & Attendance and Housebound benefits don’t have to be used solely for Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing purposes. They can also be used to cover everyday living expenses at home.

Impact on SSI Benefits

While it is possible to retain your SSI benefits if you are approved for VA Aid & Attendance benefits, it is important to consider that A&A benefits are classified as income when audits are done for SSI eligibility. In other words, the monthly compensation awarded for VA Aid & Attendance benefits would be counted against the income threshold for SSI eligibility.

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The benefits available for Housebound and Aid & Attendance care for veterans can be difficult to understand. These common misconceptions about VA Housebound and Aid & Attendance benefits prevent many former servicemembers from applying. For more information regarding VA Housebound and Aid & Attendance benefits and assistance with filing an initial application or an appeal, contact our firm and schedule a consultation.

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