Agent Orange and Its Impacts on Veterans’ Health

On World Lung Cancer Day, August 1st, we take a moment to recognize and support those affected by one of the deadliest and most prevalent types of cancers. However, for many military Veterans, this day is a poignant reminder of their exposure to the notorious herbicide Agent Orange during their service. The consequences of this exposure continue to affect them long after their service has ended, which prompts many to seek out Veterans disability benefits.

What is Agent Orange?

Agent Orange (AO) was a toxic chemical herbicide used by the military to control vegetation, mainly during the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, AO had an unwanted byproduct during the industrial processes, resulting in TCDD contamination. TCDD is the most toxic type of dioxin compound and can cause major health problems, including cancer. Recognizing Agent Orange’s significant impact on Veterans’ health, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can provide disability benefits for those affected.

Eligibility Requirements for Agent Orange-Related Benefits

To be eligible for these benefits, Veterans must meet specific criteria:

  1. Service in Eligible Locations: Veterans must have served in certain areas where Agent Orange was used, including parts of Vietnam, the Korean Demilitarized Zone, and in Thailand.
  2. Presumptive Diseases: The VA has established a list of “presumptive diseases,” which includes lung cancer, that is considered service-connected if the Veteran served in an eligible location and developed the disease within a specified time frame after their service.
  3. Exposure Proof: Veterans need to provide evidence of their exposure to Agent Orange during their service through official military records or other credible sources.
  4. Current Medical Diagnosis: A medical diagnosis of lung cancer is essential to support the disability claim. Medical records and reports from healthcare providers are vital pieces of evidence.

Get the Benefits You Deserve if You Are Experiencing the Effects of Agent Orange

As we observe World Lung Cancer Day, let us stand in solidarity with Veterans who served their country and faced the devastating effects of Agent Orange exposure. Lung cancer remains a significant health concern for these brave men and women, and they require support, awareness, and assistance.

If you are a Veteran who served in areas where Agent Orange was used and have developed lung cancer or other related illnesses, the Fight4Vets team can help you secure your much-needed benefits. These payments can provide financial and medical support that you need to offset the effects of your diagnosis.

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