A Parachutist Badge Can Help Get Service Connection on a Direct Basis

A parachute badge, also known as “Jump Wings,” is a military badge from the United States Armed Force awarded to anyone serving who completes the Basic Airborne Course. This course can be taken at Fort Benning, Georgia and ultimately qualifies military personnel for airborne operations. A parachutist badge is recognized as a well-regarded military award due to the extensive parachute training and numerous jumps to that are required to complete the course.

To understand how a parachutist badge can help a veteran get service connection on a direct basis, it is advisable to work with an attorney who is familiar with the innerworkings of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) disability compensation program.

Process of Obtaining VA Disability Benefits

Veterans’ disability compensation may be awarded to former military servicemembers who suffer from a debilitating condition that resulted from an in-service event. Connecting an injury or illness to an event that happened during active-duty service is therefore key to getting a direct service connection.

The VA has received many testimonies from former paratrooper servicemembers who developed knee and back pain and severe lower back issues after serving on active duty. Unfortunately for those who did parachuting, these problems often show up many years after being discharged from service.

The most difficult part of establishing a direct service connection is obtaining the right information and evidence to prove that an in-service event directly led to the development of a disability. Gathering evidence and compiling documents can take a long time, but a well-versed lawyer would know the most efficient ways to acquire all the necessary information.

How Can a Parachutist Badge Help?

It is still possible to establish a service connection if there was no in-service reporting or if a significant amount of time has passed since then. For example, having earned a parachutist badge could be sufficient evidence that your disability is service-related.

Contacting an attorney is the best way to ensure all your bases are covered. Let a member of our legal team guide you through the service-connection process and use your parachutist badge and experience as evidence to ensure you receive appropriate VA disability benefits.

If you are a veteran with a parachutist badge and have developed a disability, you may be eligible for compensation and medical benefits from the VA. Reach out to our office for a free consultation.

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