2021 VA Disability Pay Raise

US military veterans and Social Security recipients can expect to see a 1.3% increase in disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Social Security Administration (SSA) in 2021. This increase comes with the most recent COLA and is intended to help keep disabled Americans financially stable despite inflation.

What is COLA?

COLA stands for “cost-of-living adjustment” and is updated annually to accommodate the effects of inflation. Every year, financial support for disabled individuals, military vets, Social Security recipients, etc. is adjusted to the rate of inflation.

Benefits Available to Former Military Servicemembers

Monthly disability compensation from the VA is available for veterans who fell ill or suffered an injury while serving on active duty and to those whose active duty service made a pre-existing condition worse.

According to the Military Officers Associates of America, veterans with a 10% disability rating will see an increase of about $1.85 per month, and those rated at 100% will receive a $19.68 monthly increase.

Determining whether You’re Eligible for Compensation

You may be eligible for veterans’ disability benefits for physical and mental health conditions such as PTSD that developed before, during, or after service. Importantly, conditions that you had prior to joining the military must have been worsened by your active duty service to qualify.

You may be entitled to benefits if you suffer from any of the following conditions as a result of your military service:

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