Are you a Veteran currently experiencing a physical or mental condition that you believe is linked to your military service? The illness or injury may have occurred before, during, or after your service, but worsened or manifested itself because of it. Some people miss out on crucial benefits like tax-free monthly disability payments because they found the claims process too confusing.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) enacted legislation that streamlines the Veterans’ disability claims process but there are still crucial aspects that, if handled incorrectly, can lead to a claim denial. A Belpre Veterans’ disability claims lawyer makes sure your application is accompanied by the appropriate documentation the first time and can appeal a denial you may have recently received.

Disability Benefits

Veterans initially file an In-Service Disability Claim for service-connected injuries or illnesses that occur on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training. Pre-Service Disability Claims cover conditions existing prior to military service that are made worse during it. Post-Service Disability Claims may not be evident until after a Veteran’s discharge but must manifest itself within a year of separation from the military.

Veterans must show a current service-connected injury. For example, a Vietnam Veteran who was exposed to Agent Orange could not collect disability if there were no symptoms or related illnesses. A VA-accredited disability lawyer in Belpre can assess a prospective claim and determine if it is viable.

Conditions That May Qualify a Veteran for Benefits

The VA takes a holistic approach to granting benefits. Mental health conditions affect a Veteran every bit as much as physical ones. Ailments can be chronic and get worse, and some are considered presumptive, which means the outcome is common in a service-related episode and the connection will not have to be proven. Several presumptive conditions are related to toxic exposure and common illnesses after capture and time spent as a prisoner of war (POW).

Toxic Exposure

Many servicemembers have been exposed to toxic chemicals, leading to disability claims. These include everything from Agent Orange  to the tainted water at Camp Lejeune . Many Veterans have been exposed to agents of war in chemical weapons, radiation, burn pits, and sulfur dioxide. Occupational hazards include exposure to cancer-causing pesticides PFAS used in firefighting foam, and asbestos, which was once common in Navy shipyards.

Physical and Mental Disabilities

The VA recognizes physical conditions that can lead to disabilities, including loss of limbs, sight, hearing, and injuries of the back, neck, and spine.

Mental issues are also recognized for disability benefits. Veterans who saw combat or who were victimized in a sexual assault while in service may suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression, or anxiety. A Belpre Veterans’ benefit claims lawyer is familiar with all these recognized disabilities and can help someone provide all of the necessary documentation.

Discuss Your Situation With a Belpre Veterans’ Disability Claims Attorney

As a Veteran, you served your country with honor. Not only do our lawyers respect that, but we also dedicate our practice to helping you secure the benefits you earned for your sacrifice. If you are overwhelmed by the claims process, we are available to file complete claims and handle appeals when necessary.

You may be entitled to a monthly disability check, health and long-term care, and job retraining. We can ensure you qualify for benefits by reviewing your discharge papers, military and private medical reports, corroborative letters, and any other information the VA requires. Talk to one of our Belpre Veterans’ disability claims lawyers to learn what we can do for you.

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