Agent Orange

Sometimes war can cause countries to create some very interesting strategies. The Trojans built a horse, the American revolutionaries destroyed tea and in the Vietnam War the anti-communist forces used herbicidal warfare.

In a combined effort between the US and UK, approximately 20,000,000 gallons of a herbicide known as Agent Orange was sprayed on crops in rural Vietnam. The goal was to kill crops the guerrilla rebels were growing. By destroying the crops the guerrillas rebels would have source of food.

This program, known as Operation Ranch Hand, was in effect from 1962-1971. The Veterans Affairs office estimates that between 1,500-2,100 US Air Force and Air Force Reserve personnel were exposed directly to Agent Orange or exposed to the C-123 aircrafts that carried and dispersed Agent Orange.

There are a total of 14 medical conditions the VA has recognized as related to exposer to Agent Orange. If you think you are suffering from a condition related to Agent Orange exposure you are strongly encouraged to contact a VA benefits attorney. Guiding you through the application process is what these attorneys do best.

The VA has also identified several specific locations where servicemen are likely to have been exposed. If you served at any of the following locations during the period of 1969-1986 and have developed an Agent Orange related disability you are also encouraged to contact a VA benefits attorney.

· Lockbourne/Rickenbacker Air Force Base in Ohio (906th and 907th Tactical Air Groups or 355th and 356th Tactical Airlift Squadron)
· Westover Air Force Base in Massachusetts (731st Tactical Air Squadron and 74th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron)
· Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, International Airport (758th Airlift Squadron)

The VA has stated that any servicemen, “who served on the contaminated C-123s are presumed to have been exposed to herbicides during their service, thus making it easier for them to establish entitlement for some VA benefits if they develop an Agent Orange-related presumptive condition.” Jan Dils is a committed attorney with the knowledge to help you determine if you will qualify for Agent Orange related disability benefits.

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