Advancements in Prosthetic Limbs for Veterans

Life dramatically changes for veterans when they suffer the loss of a limb. Though we don’t discount the adjustments and pain they endure at all, technology has advanced so much that life with a prosthetic device is worlds more improved than in the past.


The most recent wars have led to groundbreaking advancements in prosthetic technology that make them easier to wear, significantly more comfortable and effective. They are also waterproof, dust-proof and free of corrosion, making them more durable.


Prosthetic legs also lend to a more natural walking gait. In fact, individuals can run, jump, climb and participate in a number of outdoor sports thanks to the new developments and studies in artificial intelligence. This was simply unimaginable in past years.


Also encouraging is the increasing range of prostheses presently available. They can be custom-tailored based on a veteran’s individual requirements and lifestyle, making the transition to normal life after the loss of a limb significantly better for veterans today.


The price of prosthetics can be hefty, but the high-tech, most expensive devices may not be the ones that suit your needs unless, say, you plan to run marathons. Your VA doctor can help you find the best fit for your individual lifestyle.


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