A Skilled Veterans Disability Lawyer Can Help You Get Your VA Benefits

As a veteran, your service to our country may have often placed you in dangerous situations that could have resulted in physical and mental damage, which consequently led to you leaving the military. As with any injury or illness, dealing with medication and rehabilitation can be costly. Fortunately, there is a good way for veterans to defray the costs, and that is by applying for VA disability benefits. An experienced veterans disability lawyer like Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law can help you get these benefits.

The Benefits

What can you expect from your VA disability benefits? Depending on how high your disability rating is, you can get anything from $133 to $3,300 a month. Such an amount can be quite helpful to anyone who’s suffering from a chronic medical condition or disability like fibromyalgia and brain injuries. You can actually get more if you lost any limbs, have dependents like a spouse or children, or if your spouse is also suffering a disability. You will also be getting a VA travel reimbursement for when you need to travel to treatment facilities or go to your scheduled VA compensation examinations.

The Claims Process

However, to get this money, you will need to file for a VA claim. There are several steps involved, and processing the said claim can take a while depending on its complexity. It all starts with initial filing. If filed online, you can receive notification of receipt of your claim within the hour. The second step is the initial review by a Veterans Service Representative. If your claim is acceptable, then a decision will be easily made. However, if further evidence is needed, you will receive notification to that effect.

If you are required to produce evidence, you will need to start gathering it for review. The evidence can include testimony from a medical professional or a government agency to prove that you are suffering from a condition that can be traced to your military service. With the evidence gathered, it will then be presented to a representative for evaluation. If more evidence is needed, you will be informed accordingly. After that, you will have to wait for the final decision to be made.

Some Assistance

The claims process is where savvy veterans disability lawyers can help you best. They help gather evidence and follow up on your claim. With their assistance, your claim can be processed smoothly and easily.



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