6 Things to look for when selecting a VA Disability Attorney

Have you ever tried to pick out a contractor? If you search for a contractor in your area via a Google search you will likely have dozens of results. The same holds true if you look the old fashioned way in the Yellow pages. It can often be hard to select someone based solely on an internet listing or an ad in the phone book. This holds true for selecting a VA Disability Attorney too. So, you may be asking yourself the following question: “How can I select a Veteran’s Disability Attorney?” Just follow these 6 tips and your search will be a lot more successful.

  1. Do they practice VA Law? This may seem silly, but when you are searching for a VA Disability Attorney you will likely get a lot of results for attorneys who only handle Social Security Disability or another type of law. However, they have their website set up to grab individuals who are searching for VA Disability too because they may be able to get social security benefits if they are qualified for VA Disability. As an individual who works in social media, I know this practice to be true. Further, any individual who practices VA Law must be accredited by the Office of General Council. It’s important to note that this accreditation also applies to non-attorneys who may represent you from a service organization. If you feel suspicious about the person that may be working on your claim, ask them about their accreditation.
  2. Be cautious of the “Jack of All Trades.” The reason being that these firms are likely a master of none. Granted, it’s possible that a big law firm can handle your VA claim easily. However, pay close attention to the type of laws they practice. It’s possible that they may list VA Disability as one of their specialties but actually have very few clients or experience in that field. Jan Dils Attorneys at Law focuses solely on Social Security Disability and VA Disability. Because of the complexity of these two areas of law, and the fact that we want to provide the best possible customer service to our clients, we only practice social security and VA disability. It’s kind of like having heart surgery. You wouldn’t want to go to a doctor who spends most of his time as working as a dermatologist. Instead, you’d rather have a cardiologist perform your open-heart surgery.
  3. Experience. While I don’t personally believe that this is the only factor to look at in searching for a VA Attorney, it is something to consider. How long has the firm been in business? How long has the attorney been practicing VA Law? Are they accredited?
  4. Reviews and Online Presence. You can easily find reviews of an attorney online if they have a good online presence. This will include Google, Facebook, and so on. Reviews are most often written by individuals who have used the service prior. These reviews can be both positive and negative. Honestly, more people pay attention to reviews over any other type of information regarding a law firm. While also looking at a firm through online resources, look at what they publish on their Facebook or Twitter profiles. This will give you a good idea of the type of people who will represent you.
  5. Fees. Pay close attention to the fee agreement. What services are you being charged for? Are they upfront with fees regarding medical records, travel, and other items that go beyond representation?
  6. Trust your instincts. If you call a firm, research them online, or ask around, you are going to get an impression about who they are. Perhaps when you call the individuals you speak to seem ill-informed. Or maybe they have mostly bad reviews on Google. Regardless, your impression of the organization is likely backed up by what your “get feeling.” If the attorney you found seems like they won’t properly represent you, then you need to continue to search for the person who will best represent you.

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It’s not easy to find the right attorney for a VA Disability Claim. Remember these key factors and your search will be a lot easier. If you want to learn more about hiring an attorney, or if you’d like to learn about what the Attorneys at Jan Dils Attorneys at Law can do for you, give me a call now. Our consultation is free and we are always upfront with our clients. Our toll-free number is 1-877-526-3457. If you’d rather talk to someone at a later time, fill out this form, and we’ll call you at a more convenient time.

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