4 Steps to Getting Approved for VA Benefits

If you want to get approved for VA disability benefits you better like jumping through hoops, because that’s what it takes. There’s lots of details that can make or break your claim, and most veterans don’t even know what these details, you always want to find easiest things to claim for VA disability. While the path to approval is long, there are four basic steps every claim has to go through to get approved.

  • Veteran eligibility– The first step is to establish that you are a veteran who is eligible for disability benefits. The VA mainly looks at your discharge status and minimum duty requirements for this step. This is where having your DD-214 handy is helpful. Proving that you’re an eligible veteran isn’t a very hard task, but it is important.


  • Service connection– This step isn’t nearly as easy as the first step. To establish service connection you have to prove to the VA that you would not be disabled if you didn’t serve in the military. This is probably the hardest step in the process, and a lot of work goes into it. The VA wants clear cut evidence that your active military duty caused or worsened your disability, so make sure you bring your A game for this one.


  • Disability rating– Once you establish service connection, you’ll start the process of haggling with the VA over your disability rating. This rating will determine what your benefit payment will be. You don’t always have to haggle, but sometimes the VA will give you a lower rating than you deserve. In this case, you’ll have to prove that you are more disabled than they say you are.


  • Effective date– This is when your payments will begin. Be certain not to debate this step before taking care of the first three. The effective date is important, but you must prove you are a veteran, that your disability is connected to your time in service and get the rating you feel is appropriate before arguing your effective date.


This is a very broad look at how to get approved for VA disability benefits. When you really get into the application process, there’s many steps not mentioned here. Jan Dils Attorneys at Law can help you take all the steps, both big and little, in the right way.

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