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Tips to remember when applying for Veterans Disability Benefits

Tips to remember when applying for Veterans Disability Benefits

The process of applying for Veterans Disability Benefits can be daunting and time-consuming. But with the right knowledge and a little preparation, you can do it.


In her book, Getting the Veterans Benefits You Deserve, Jan Dils shares the following tips to help make the application process easier so your claim can be approved as soon as possible.


  • Keep good, organized records. Track medical appointments, test results, phone calls, and other important events related to your disability to ensure you have a consistent, reliable timetable. Keeping your records in one place, such as a box or expanding file folder, will make the application process quicker and less stressful.
  • Be consistent. Presenting consistent information regarding your disability is one of the most important keys to getting your claim approved.
  • Get help. Consider speaking with an attorney who specializes in Veterans Disability claims or one of the VA case managers on the Jan Dils’ staff. Proven experience can make the difference in having your claim approved.
  • Be thorough. Put your name, claim number, and/or Social Security Number on every form you complete along with your signature and the date where requested.
  • Make copies. Photocopy every form, piece of evidence, and other items you submit to the VA. Keep them in your designated box or file folder.
  • Save all correspondence. Keep each letter, email, fax, and piece of written correspondence with your records along with documentation of any verbal contact.
  • Keep registered or certified mail receipts. Any official documentation or proof from the post office should also go in your designated box or folder for future reference.


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