Jan Dils Attorneys at Law is thrilled to announce the 2022 Freedom Fun Run 5k! This fundraiser benefits Veterans and honors their service to our country. Click here to find out more.

Meet our Scholarship Winner!

Get to know Joy Lett! The winner of our 2022 Dependent Scholarship

“Hello! I was born in Georgia, but I was raised in two countries and PCSed across six states, so I can officially be considered an army brat! But since most of my relatives reside in California, I see it as my “home state.” At the age of seventeen, I earned my associate’s degree while enrolled in a dual credit program. I am now pursuing a management major with a business administration specialization at Western Kentucky University to complete my undergraduate degree. From there I plan to pursue my MBA at the same institution.”

“I was en route to my classes when I learned that I had been selected as the “Fight4Vet’s Dependent Scholarship” winner. A sensation of gratitude and serenity instantly overcame me. I am incredibly grateful to the Fight4Vets team for contributing to the financial security of veterans, dependents, and the whole military community. Being an army brat has required a lot of perseverance, and receiving this scholarship has solidified the maxim to always give your all, no matter what. With the aid of this scholarship, I’m excited to complete my education and serve as an inspiration for present and future military youth.”

Fight 4 Vets