Laronda Kelley

Laronda’s ultimate passion is being the Voice for the Voiceless. Her motto is “allow me to help you help yourself,” and that is what she plans to do as an Attorney at the Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law. Laronda graduated from Bluefield State College with a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice Administration. After graduating from Bluefield State College, she began her career gaining extensive experience in the areas of criminal justice and human services. With a social work mentality, her experience and passion allowed her to focus on helping people become a better them. Since childhood, Laronda has always wanted to be an attorney in order to help people, so she attended Law School later in life at the Charlotte School of Law. After graduation, Laronda’s passion to help people increased tremendously as she focuses on using her legal platform to help people be a better them.

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Laronda has the knowledge and understanding of the complexity of the Social Security process as she has assisted a few of her loved ones and was intensely involved in the entire process. With the prior knowledge of the process and the passion Laronda has for people, she will FIGHT for the benefits you deserve. When not advocating for her clients, Laronda loves spending time with her significant other and her two sons, as she calls them her three heartbeats, Damian, Ronavon, and Damian, Jr. She also enjoys traveling with her family and friends, shopping, performing community service at the local shelters, volunteering at the Legal Aid office, as well as mentoring domestic violence victims.

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