MOS and Your VA Disability Claim

When a Veteran goes through an “Intake” in our office, the fifth question we ask is,  “What was your MOS?”

For those of you who don’t know, MOS stands for Military Occupational Specialty. For civilians, it’s a lot like a job description. It describes what a soldier does in the Military. The US Army website has hundreds of MOSs listed. There is a wide variety of “Military Jobs” listed, too. They range from Special Forces Officer to Oboe Player –and everything in-between .

We ask about a Veteran’s MOS because it can have a lot to do with getting service connected for a disability claim. For instance, if a Veteran is trying to claim hearing loss, an MOS of Infantryman will support this claim a lot more than an MOS of Human Resources Specialist. The reason for this is that an Infantryman is a lot more likely to be involved in a combat situation in which he or she is exposed to loud noises, and other activities that could damage hearing.

(It is important to note that a Veteran’s MOS is not the only factor that plays into Service Connecting for a Disability Claim.  In fact, an MOS is just one of many things that are considered when a claim is being reviewed.)

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