At this point in time, the medical community is still trying to discover the cause for fibromyalgia. This disorder is associated with tenderness in different areas of the body that can become very painful at times, and excessive fatigue. Scientists are not sure if this disorder is an autoimmune issue, a viral problem, or a physical injury or disorder. What they do know is that the symptoms of this disease can be debilitating to the sufferer and that there are some things that can trigger an onset of more severe symptoms.

Some Triggers of Fibromyalgia

It has recently been shown that depression and anxiety seem to trigger an onset of symptoms with this disease. If the patient is already suffering with tenderness in areas of their body and fatigue, a bout of depression or anxiety will heighten the effects. This often leads to the person being unable to function in everyday life.

It is a catch-22 for those suffering with this disorder. The pain and fatigue causes stress and anxiety, and the stress and anxiety seems to make the problem worse. Of course, these are not the only factors associated with this disorder or the only triggers.

This disorder is becoming a more common veteran’s disability factor as many vets are returning home from overseas suffering from the pain associated with fibromyalgia.

Treatment Plans

Sadly, there have not been any successful treatments designed for this disorder at this time. Since the actual cause for the problems are not distinguished, finding a cure has been difficult. However, pain management is used along with physical and mental therapies. Many holistic treatments are also used, such as change in diet and drinking teas that are used to calm the nerves.

This disorder now ranks in the top five for veterans’ disability causes, and is ranked nearly as high for non-military members.

Scientists will continue to search for an effective treatment plan and cure, but until then, people suffering from this disease will need to keep searching for relief with available medications and natural remedies.



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