VA Reaches Record Low Backlog Figures

This week, the VA is celebrating a record low disability claims figure. On their VAntage Blog, they announced that the number has reached 98,535, down from its all-time high 611,000 claims in March 2013.

VA authorities believe this decrease is the result of setting an average 125-day processing goal in 2009 along with the implementation of the Transformation Plan in 2011, setting in motion a series of personnel changes, reconfigured processes and technology initiatives that improved the backlog.

The blog post discusses how VA employees, 53 percent of whom are veterans themselves, took a vested interest in improving the quality of care within the agency. Here are some figures that support their efforts:

  • Claims-based quality is currently at 91% (up from 83%).
  • Employees are making the right decision regarding quality categories within a claim 98% of the time.
  • The VA is on track to complete 1.4 million claims this fiscal year, exceeding the 1 million mark for the fifth successive year.
  • They are expediting claims, most of which are Fully Developed Claims.
  • The average wait for a claim decision is currently 105 days, down from 282 days in March 2013.
  • The VA has completed around 75% more non-rating work than in 2011.
  • Appeals rates have averaged 10-12% despite the increased production.

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