Parachutists: You May Be Eligible for Disability Benefits

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The Obstacle of Getting Your Veterans Benefits

Sometimes the biggest obstacle of getting your Veterans Benefits is connecting your injuries to your service. This can sometimes be a very involved process. There can be years, sometimes decades, between your service and the onset of an injury. Many Veterans aren’t aware they can receive benefits for these injuries even years after their service. If you develop a disability later in life, it is often enough to show your Military Occupational Specialty Code (MOS code) to prove that it could be related.

Studies by the VA show that many service members who did a lot of parachuting, particularly paratroopers, develop knee and back issues in their later years. Due to landing impact, it is quite common to develop problems with your back and lower extremities. The symptoms don’t often appear until years later because of service members’ young ages during their service. Some claims are automatically accepted, but some Veterans may be required to undergo compensation and pension exams, also known as C&P exams.

Though the VA doctors may say it is not related due to lack of evidence during your service, it is not hard to prove the relationship of jumping out of airplanes to back and knee injuries that are developed later in life. If this describes you, you have a right to these benefits. Our team can help you build your case and get the proper medical opinions.

The VA may try to work its way around the law and create obstacles to deny you your benefits, when really the law says that an incident occurring in service can cause the current disability, not that your disability had to be obtained during your service. This is where we will advise you on getting evidence to prove the connection. Jumping, repetitive landing, training constantly, all while carrying heavy loads, are exactly the type of activities that can cause knee and back problems in your later years.

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If you are a Veteran who did a lot of parachuting or had the title of Paratrooper, and you are currently having trouble with your knees or back, you may be entitled to Veterans Disability Benefits. If you have already tried to get your approval from the VA and have been denied, call our office of highly trained Veteran Disability attorneys and case managers at 877-526-3457 for a free consultation or visit



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