How a Decision Review Officer’s Denial Can Still Work for You

If you’ve filed your Notice of Disagreement and choose to have your VA Ratings Decision reviewed by a Decision Review Officer, obviously the best outcome would be approval of benefits. But even if your claim is denied by this senior representative of the VA, the experience can still work in your favor.

For one, a denial can have a silver lining if you are issued a Statement of the Case (SOC) from the VA. This means your claim file is on a decision maker’s desk, and if you can complete your Substantive Appeal (VA Form 9), there’s a chance this could cut your wait time significantly.

It’s most important not to rush through this paperwork, to make sure your appeal is thorough and accurate, stating every reason why you disagree with the decision. But this can save you years of waiting to appear before the Board of Veterans’ Appeals if your timing is right.

Additionally, a denial from a Decision Review Officer can be favorable if he or she schedules a Compensation and Pension exam. This means that a medical opinion letter will go on your official file with insights about why they believe you are not medically eligible for benefits. Having this information can help you frame your counterargument and know how to solidify evidence of the truth so you can get the benefits you deserve.

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