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Veteran’s Disability Blog

Changes Through the Years With the VA: How We Can Help You More Now Than Ever

Laws involving the rights and benefits of disabled service members are constantly updating, and many have been added in the last five to ten years. Many of these Acts were either expansions to existing laws or new additions to the...
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How Can I Tell if I’m a Combat Veteran?

Most of the topics for this blog come from my interactions with real Veterans, and the questions they ask. Unlike Alex Trebek, I don’t have all of the answers, and occasionally I have to look them up. That was the case...
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How Does Moving Affect My VA Claim?

As a whole, those who serve in the military learn to be quite nomadic. From the time you join the service and enter boot camp, until the time you are discharged, you have likely had more than one temporary address....
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What Are the Combat Compensation Rates for 2022?

Many former servicemembers find it difficult to prove their eligibility to receive both retirement pay and disability compensation without a 50% disability rating for conditions not related to combat. For this reason, it may be in your best interests to...
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Do I Make too Much Money for VA Disability Compensation?

Recently, a client that I am often in contact with at the office stopped by to give me an update. He was actually a little upset. He had recently found a new job, and he was worried that he could...
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2021 VA Disability Pay Raise

US military veterans and Social Security recipients can expect to see a 1.3% increase in disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Social Security Administration (SSA) in 2021. This increase comes with the most recent COLA and...
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A Lifeline for Veterans with PTSD or other Mental Health Issues

Did you know that 30 percent of active duty and reserve military personnel deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan have a mental health condition requiring treatment? Of that percentage, approximately 730,000 men and women experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and major...
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How Range of Motion Impacts Your VA Disability Claim

Regardless of their branch of service or Military Occupational Specialty, most Veterans had a physically demanding experience while serving. This is obvious for Veterans who served in combat, but it may not be as obvious for those weren’t in combat....
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5 Things Veterans Need To Do To Get Their VA Disability Claim Approved in 2019

2019 has started, and that means it’s time for new goals for the new year. If you’re a Veteran one of your goals for 2019 might be getting your VA Disability Claim approved. If this is one of your goals...
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Important Questions for Every Veteran Considering VA Disability Benefits

Each year, more and more Veterans apply for VA Disability. However, there are even more Veterans left wondering if they can apply. The process is so daunting that many Veterans avoid it out of fear that they won’t qualify for...
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