Camp Lejeune: A Horrifying Story for Military Vets and the Changes it Brought

Over the years, history has shown that there have been injustices done to our military veterans. Whether accidental or not, unforeseen circumstances and deplorable conditions have led to military vets developing health issues or even terminal illnesses. Such situations may...
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Micro Injuries from Parachute Jumps That Lead to Joint Issues

Utilized for surprise attacks, seizing strategic objectives, allocating equipment, and even assisting in natural disasters, paratroopers are crucial for military operations. Being a military member comes with inherent risks, and a paratrooper's role is no exception. Unfortunately, parachute jumps are...
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VA Approves New Fisher House Sites

Recently, the U.S. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) approved 12 additional hospital campuses around the US to become sites for new Fisher Houses. This is a step in the right direction for creating more accessible housing options for military...
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