Disability Benefits

VA Disability Claim Myths

There are some common reasons Veterans don’t want to make a VA disability claim Myth: I don’t have a disability. It’s unfortunate that there is a stigma around the term “disability”. A better way to look at a VA disability claim is to say, “I have a medical condition that occurred during, or was caused…

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Celebrating Our Women Veterans This Month and Beyond

celebrating women veterans

Fifteen Women Veteran Trailblazers were selected and honored on March 6 at the Women in Military Service for America (WIMSA) Memorial, Arlington, Virginia. These are just a few of the stories and examples of the amazing sacrifices and accomplishments that women Veterans contribute every day. They have served on and off the battlefield, on the…

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Everything Veterans Need To Know About Special Monthly Compensation

veterans checklists

VA Disability compensation, in itself, is a vast area of discussion and there is always so much more to learn. This blog was established seven years ago, and hundreds of topics have been discussed during that time, but there is still so much more to examine, especially regarding Special Monthly Compensation.  A few of our…

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All About The VA Debt Management Center

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If you are a Veteran who has applied for the VA disability compensation claim, you already know that a few aspects of the process are pleasant. This is especially true if you’ve ever been involved in a situation that led to calling the VA’s 1-800 number. Some Veterans have shared stories in which they’ve been…

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