Veteran's Disability Blog

5 Tips for Veterans this Holiday Season

The holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier each year. I saw Christmas trees for sale...

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Which Disability is Claimed the Most by Veterans?

I’ve been working with Veterans for more than nearly six years. At this point, there aren’t a...

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What I Learned from Attending Two Large Veteran’s Stand Downs

Earlier this week I attended a Veterans Stand Down in Columbus. It was an amazing event full...

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Does the Way a Veteran Look Impact Their PTSD Claim

I know, it’s absurd to think that the way a Veteran looks could impact his or her...

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5 Ways the VA Has Made Improvements Over the Past 5 Years

Five years ago I walked through the doors of this law firm and I had no idea...

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Camp Lejeune Presumptive List May Soon be a Reality for Thousands of Veterans

If you enter Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina, you’ll notice a big sign that reads: “Home...

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How a Conversation with a Veteran 5 Years Ago Helped Me Realize I Was in the Right Career Field

Today I am going to share the story of the moment I knew working with Veterans Disability...

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Coast Guard

6 Things You Probably Don’t Know About The United States Coast Guard

Ask individuals who haven’t served what their favorite branch of the military is, and the Army will...

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What if You Didn’t Treat in Service?

How does a Veteran get service connected for VA disability compensation? It’s a pretty common question, and...

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Veterans Photo July

6 Things Veterans Need to Remember About the VA Disability Process

This blog is approaching its 5th birthday. In November, on Veterans Day, it turns 5. I must...

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