The basics of the VA Disability Rating Letter

Once an individual completes the application for Veterans Disability Benefits, he or she will be assigned a disability rating and notified of this decision by VA disability rating letter.


In this post, we’ll explain the Rating Decision Letter or to say VA Disability Rating Letter and what it means for you.

After receiving VA Rating Decision Letter and are less than satisfied with the result, it doesn’t have to be the end of the road for you. You need to Appealing your VA Rating Decision Letter.


First of all, the

VA Disability Rating Decision Letter

serves three purposes:


To inform you if the VA has ruled that your disability is service-related. You will not be eligible for benefits if the VA determines your condition is not a result of your service.


To deliver your rating (percentage of disability). As we have mentioned in previous posts, the VA has a detailed list that includes most medical conditions and disabilities with an assigned percentage of disability for each. Based on your application, they will evaluate your condition according to this list and include this percentage in the letter.


To inform you of the monthly benefit you receive and when you will receive it. This amount is not only based on your disability rating (percentage of disability), but also by the number and type of dependents you have.

Some things to remember about the Veterans Disability Rating Letter:


  • If you receive a rating of zero percent, this means the VA has acknowledged that your condition is related to your service, but it doesn’t believe your disability affects your ability to earn an income. However, if your disability worsens in the future, you may be eligible to reapply and receive benefits.


  • If you have multiple disabilities, each will be evaluated and rated separately. Your monthly compensation will be determined based on the combined result of all of your disabilities.


  • While it may take several weeks to process, sometimes individuals begin receiving payments in as little as two weeks.


  • The VA disability rating letter or VA rating decision letter will also detail what to do if you disagree with this decision. You have one year from the date of your notification to appeal the rating decision.


More information about this VA claims process and VA disability rating letter can be found in Attorney Jan Dils’ book, Getting the Veterans Benefits You Deserve.

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