VA Launches Free Accelerated Learning Programs for Veterans

Earlier this month, the VA launched two training programs that are free for veterans and returning servicemembers, Accelerated Learning Programs and Learning Hubs, part of their Veterans Economic Communities Initiative (VECI) to help veterans secure meaningful employment and integrate with their communities.

The ultimate goal for these no-cost training programs is to help veterans and returning servicemembers transition back to civilian life by teaching them skills, giving them the opportunity to earn credentials and grow on a personal and professional level.

The Accelerated Learning Programs (ALPs) are tailored to supplement all eras of veterans’ military training and skills they worked hard to build during their service, complementing existing training to give them civilian certifications and eventually secure gainful employment. The seven courses that launched this summer will test out the program model, focusing primarily on information technology training at this time. The ALPs also include free referral and support services after their completion.

The VA Learning Hubs are slated to be launched in 27 American cities this year in conjunction with the American Red Cross, The Mission Continues and Coursera. Veterans and transitioning servicemembers have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and job marketability through both online and classroom study.

In this program, online course modules will be assigned as “homework” so class sessions can focus on lessons from experts in those fields along with peer discussion of course materials, led by Learning Hub moderators. After completing a program, participants may then elect to receive one free verified certificate from Coursera.

As of August 17, 2015, applications for both programs are open. If you’re a veteran or returning servicemember interested in these no-cost enrichment opportunities, contact [email protected] to find out more about these learning programs for veterans and see if the programs are available in your area.

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